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Song/Date/Phrase Year of Show


Tuesday, April 14, 1992

Good Morning Little Schoolgirl - Two from the Vault

Comes a Time - 10/19/71 Northrop Auditorium, Minneapolis

Candyman-> Let It Grow - 12/15/86 Oakland Coliseum

Scarlet Begonias->
Fire on the Mountain - 6/16/85 Greek Theatre, UC Berkeley

Tuesday, June 30, 1992

Big Boss Man - Bill Cosby, Silver Throat

Maggie's Farm - Bob Dylan

The Annoying Beatle

The Last Time - Rolling Stones

China Cat->
Rider - 6/26/74 Providence

Brown-Eyed Women - Pontiac Brothers, Fiesta en la Biblioteca

Johnny B. Goode - Peter Tosh

Big Boss Man
Feel Like a Stranger - 11/6/87 Henry J. Kaiser

Tuesday, July 14, 1992


Beat It On Down the Line 12/26/70 El Monte Legion Stadium

The Rub 7/2/71 Fillmore West

Let It Rock 6/23/74 Miami Jai-Alai

Man Smart, Woman Smarter 7/13/84 Greek Theatre, Berkeley

Good Time Blues 4/9/87 UIC Pavilion, Chicago

Ain't That Peculiar, Bobby and the Midnites

Playing in the Band jam->
China Doll
6/14/85 Greek Theatre, Berkeley

Tuesday, July 21, 1992

Cassidy - Reckoning

Rubin and Cherise - Cats Under the Stars

I Hate the Grateful Dead - Violets

That's It for the Other One->
New Potato Caboose->
Doin' That Rag
- 3/1/69 Fillmore West

Easy to Slip - Heaven Help the Fool

Tuesday, August 4, 1992

Way to Go Home - 5/19/92 Cal Expo

Jump for Joy - Kingfish (1st LP)

Alice D. Millionaire - First LP outtake?

Morning Dew->
Good Lovin'/La Bamba - 9/18/87 Madison Square Garden

Plus Mike Dolgushkin (in the studio), Stu Nixon and John W. Scott (on the phone), authors of DeadBase.

Tuesday, August 11, 1992

It Hurts Me Too - Portchester NY 2/71

Phone interview with Bob Weir

Good Lovin' - Rascals

So Many Roads - Las Vegas 5/31/92

Believe It or Not - Hamilton, Ontario 3/22/90

Attics of My Life - Las Vegas 5/31/92

Black Muddy River - Danny Carnahan & Robin Petrie 2/11/91

Forever Young - Bob Dylan, Planet Waves

When Push Comes to Shove - HJK 11/6/87

My Sisters and Brothers - JGB Live

"Oh Shenandoah" jam - RFK, DC 6/20/92

Tuesday, August 18, 1992

Interview with Dennis McNally

Casey Jones->
Throwing Stones->
One More Saturday Night
- 6/20/92 RFK Stadium, DC

Man Smart, Woman Smarter - Dream Warriors (from the soundtrack of _Buffy the Vampire Slayer_)

Viola Lee Blues
- 7/3/66 Fillmore Auditiorium

Tomorrow Never Knows - Beatles, _Revolver

Playing in the Band - Bob Weir, _Ace_

Pistol-Packin' Mama - Gold ol' Boys, _Pistol-Packin' Mama_

Tuesday, August 25, 1992

Help on the Way->
Franklin's Tower
- 9/10/91 Madison Square Garden w/ Branford Marsalis

D'Cuckoo - MIDI Ball D'Cuckoo - One World (produced by Mickey Hart)

Katie Mae - Pigpen

Let It Rock - 6/23/74 Miami


Attics of My Life
The Other One->
Morning Dew
- 3/23/74 Cow Palace, SF

Tuesday, September 1, 1992

I Need a Miracle->
Gimme Some Lovin'->
Morning Dew->
All Along the Watchtower
- 12/30/87 Oakland Coliseum

Mystery Train - Saunders, Garcia, Grisman, Clements et al.

Walkin' Blues - Eric Clapton, Unplugged

Black Peter - Workingman's Dead

Tuesday, September 8, 1992

Iko Iko - Ringo Starr and his All Starr Band (featuring Dr. John)

Interview with Jon McIntire re "Think Globally, Dance Locally"

Dark Star->
St. Stephen->
Not Fade Away->
Not Fade Away
- 4/28/71 Fillmore East

Tuesday, September 15, 1992
Call-in show: Are you planning to vote?

My Brother Esau - 1987 B side

Arizona Lightning - Robert Hunter, Tales of the Great Rum Runners

Ship of Fools - 6/28/74 Boston Garden

US Blues - 1974 single

We Can Run - Built to Last

Tuesday, September 22, 1992

Robert Hunter lyrics montage

Morning Dew - Devo, Smooth Noodle Maps

Bird Song - Garcia (first LP)

I Bid You Good Night
- 8/22/68 Fillmore West

Walkin' Blues - Lonnie Pitchford, from Roots of Rhythm & Blues

Tuesday, September 29, 1992

Terrapin Suite (as much of it as I could find, including live GD, _Terrapin Station_ LP, and Robert Hunter records)

Robert Hunter: "Unicorn" (new poem, unreleased recording)

Yellow Moon - Robert Hunter, Tiger Rose

Wavy Gravy live in the studio

Taped interview with Carlos Santana and Mickey Hart

Tuesday, October 6, 1992
Two-hour marathon special

Promised Land
- 6/12/92 Knickerbocker Arena, Albany NY

Monkey and the Engineer - Jesse "Lone Cat" Fuller

- 6/12/92

Easy Wind
- 2/19/71 Capitol Theatre, Portchester NY

Dan Healy in the studio and Ken Nordine on the phone

Acond of Swat - Ken Nordine 6/92 Vic Theatre, Chicago

Alphabet - Nordine at the Vic

Bird Song
- 2/19/71

Day Job
- 12/26/82 Oakland Auditorium

Casey Jones
- 2/19/71

Saturday, October 10, 1992
KPFA Grateful Dead marathon

"Dead of the Night"
Sunday, October 11, 1992
7 pm to 6:30 am

Mississippi Halfstep->
Feel Like a Stranger
Easy to Love You
West LA Fadeaway
When I Paint My Masterpiece
Victim or the Crime->
Foolish Heart - Grateful Dead 5/6/90 Carson CA

Doin' That Rag->
He Was a Friend of Mine->
China Cat Sunflower->
The Eleven - GD 5/24/69 Hollywood FL

Wharf Rats PSA

Promised Land --Dave Edmunds, Rockpile

Lost Sailor->
Saint of Circumstance->
Touch of Grey - GD 10/10/82 Frost Amphitheatre, Stanford CA

She Belongs to Me - GD 4/28/85 Frost Amphitheatre

Dirty Business - New Riders of the Purple Sage
Starship - Paul Kantner, Blows Against the Empire
Kids and Dogs - David Crosby and Jerry Garcia (unreleased)

Mission in the Rain->
Looks Like Rain - GD 6/29/76 Auditorium, Chicago

Dark Hollow - GD 2/19/71 Capitol Theater, Portchester NY

Mississippi Halfstep->
Big River - GD 5/7/77 Boston Garden

If Six Was Nine - Obsequious Cheezlog (Kaiser, Weir et al.), from If Six Was Nine (British Hendrix tribute)

The Weight
Blow Away
Terrapin - GD 5/6/90 Carson CA

Highway Patrol

The Other One->
Standing on the Moon->
Throwing Stones->
Lovelight - GD 5/6/90 Carson CA

Imagine - Merl Saunders, Fire Up+

The Last Time - GD 5/6/90 Carson CA

Phil & Ned + band->
Wharf Rat - GD 10/16/74 Winterland

Playing in the Band->
Uncle John's Band->
Morning Dew->
Uncle John's Band->
Playing in the Band - GD 3/23/74 Cow Palace, SF

After Midnight --Merl Saunders, Fire Up+

Eyes of the World->
China Doll - GD 10/19/74 Winterland

Shakedown Street- GD 4/17/82 Hartford Civic Ctr.

It's All Over Now, Baby Blue - GD 12/28/82 Oakland Auditorium

Ugliest Girl in the World--Bob Dylan, Down in the Groove

Yellow Moon -- Robert Hunter, Tiger Rose

High Time
He's Gone->
Comes a Time - GD 11/1/85 Coliseum, Richmond VA

Corrina - GD 6/14/92 Giants Stadium, E. Rutherford NJ

Dark Star (studio version) - GD, What a Long, Strange Trip It's Been

Late for Supper - Garcia

Sugar Magnolia - GD, American Beauty

Wharf Rats PSA

The Other One
Morning Dew - GD 6/14/92 Giants Stadium with Steve Miller, guitar

Tuesday, October 27, 1992
Guest host: Doug Faunt

Playing in the Band->
The Wheel->
Playing in the Band
2/26/77 San Bernardino CA

Eyes of the World->
Dancing in the Street->
Around and Around

Tuesday, November 10, 1992

Mama Tried
Big River
- 3/19/77 Winterland

plus selections from HE'S ALL I NEED, The San Quentin Mass Choir

Tuesday, November 17, 1992

Lazy Lightning ->
Supplication - Grateful Dead 12/28/82 Oakland Auditorium

Yellow Moon -- Robert Hunter, Tiger Rose

Help on the Way ->
Franklin's Tower - GD Winterland 6/9/77

Tuesday, November 24, 1992

Rubin and Cherise - Jerry Garcia Band, Cats Under the Stars
He Ain't Give You None - Jerry Garcia, Compliments

That's It for the Other One->
Big Railroad Blues - GD 11/12/71 Municipal Auditorium, San Antonio TX

Sugar Magnolia - American Beauty

Tuesday, December 8, 1992

Here Come Sunshine - Grateful Dead 2/23/74 Winterland

Rain - Beatles

Viola Lee Blues
Pain in My Heart
You Don't Have to Ask
Cold Rain and Snow
It's All Over Now, Baby Blue - GD 7/16/66 Fillmore Aud.

Tuesday, December 15, 1992
Guest Host: Henry Kaiser

Rain - Grateful Dead 12/2/92 McNichols Arena, Denver

Dark Star->
Comes a Time - GD 7/26/72 Paramount Theater, Portland OR

Tshai Akory Apao - Rossy, David Lindley and Henry Kaiser (unreleased; recorded in Madagascar)

Promised Land - Chuck Berry
I Bid You Good Night - Joseph Spence and the Pindar Family, Spring of '65

Tuesday, December 22, 1992

Big Boss Man ???
Beat It on Down the Line
In the Pines (?)
Cardboard Cowboy (?)
Nobody's Fault But Mine
Next Time You See Me - Grateful Dead 7/17/66 (?) Fillmore Auditorium

Steve Kimock live in the studio w/ acoustic guitar

Chance in a Million - Zero 10/16/92 Great American Music Hall, SF

Casey Jones - GD 12/16/92 Oakland Coliseum

Date: Fri, 25 Dec 1992 18:18:25 -0800
From: Richard J Callahan
To: tnf
Subject: In the Pines

regarding "In the Pines" --

I notice you have a question mark next to it. I just wanted to let you know some detail - if it's the song that starts:

In the pines, in the pines
where the sun never shines
and we shiver when the cold wind blows
Little girl, little girl
what have I done
that makes you treat me so
You've caused me to weep
You've caused me to moan
You've caused me to leave my home...

--Then this means it is an old bluegrass song by Clayton McMichen and Slim Bryant (according to liner notes on _Bill Monroe and the Bluegrass Boys Live at the Grand Ole Opry_). It has become a bluegrass standard, and many, many people and bands have recorded it in that genre. I'm hoping someone taped your show and will provide me with a tape of that song, since I think a Dead version would be great to hear. It definitely fits with Jerry's (and Bob's) early interests in bluegrass and oldtime music, so I'm assuming this is the same song. And yes, it is called "In the Pines."

Just thought you'd like to know... I guess I'll see you at the Pickles on Sunday, huh?

- Chip

Tuesday, December 29, 1992

Cassidy - Bob Weir, Ace
Morning Dew - Human Beans (w/ Dave Edmunds), from The Early Edmunds
Jockamo aka Iko-Iko - Larry Williams, from Creole Kings of New Orleans
Attics of My Life - Grateful Dead, American Beauty

Shakedown Street->
Samson and Delilah - Grateful Dead 12/16/92 Oakland Coliseum

Bird Song - 12/12/92 Oakland Coliseum

Looks Like Rain - 12/11/92 Oakland Coliseum