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Tuesday, January 11, 1994
Special guest Rob Wasserman

The Winners - Weir & Wasserman,Sweetwater 1993
Take Me to the River - Weir & Wasserman, studio 1991

Fantasy Is Reality - Wasserman, Brian Wilson and Sam Phillips (demo for Trios)
American Popsicle - Rob Wasserman, Edie Brickell, Jerry Garcia (from Trios)
Eternity - Bob Weir, Willie Dixon, Rob Wasserman
Three Guys Named Schmo - Les Claypool, Jay Lane, Rob Wasserman

Vegas Joe's Cave - Bruce Hornsby, Jerry Garcia, Branford Marsalis, Rob Wasserman

Tuesday, January 25, 1994

Estimated Prophet->
So Many Roads - 12/19/93 Oakland Coliseum

Playing in the Band->
Uncle John's Band->
Phil+Jerry+drummers - 12/18/93 Oakland Coliseum

Tuesday, February 1, 1994

The Same Thing
Crazy Crazy Crazy
Little Red Rooster
Let It Rock - David Gans and Friends w/ Bob Weir, David Murray, Henry Kaiser and Jimmy Dillon 1/30/94 Sweetwater, Mill Valley CA

Mama Was a Deadhead - Rev. Billy C. Wirtz, Pianist Envy
Dark Hollow - David Bromberg Band, Midnight on the Water

Acoustic Octofunk/Let the Music Take You - David Murray Quartet w/ Bob Weir 1/28/94 Bimbo's, San Francisco

Tuesday, February 8, 1994

Jack Straw
Spoonful - 12/18/93 Oakland Coliseum

Friend of the Devil - American Beauty

When I Paint My Masterpiece
Deal - 12/18/93 Oakland Coliseum

Lovelight (excerpt) - 4/27/69 Mpls

Brown-Eyed Women - 11/14/73 San Diego

My Brother Esau - 4/4/85 Providence

Casey Jones - 3/23/74 Cow Palace, SF

Friday, February 18, 1994
KPFA Grateful Dead marathon

US Blues
Mexicali Blues
Brown-Eyed Women
Beat It On Down the Line
Jack Straw
China Cat Sunflower->
I Know You Rider - 2/24/74 Winterland, SF

El Paso
Playing in the Band - 2/24/74

Teddy Bears' Picnic - Garcia & Grisman, Not for Kids Only

Not Fade Away - Joe Ely, Live Shots

Sage and Spirit - rough mix from Blues for Allah sessions

A Cage Went in Search of a Bird - Ken Nordine, from A Chance Operation (tribute to John Cage)

Dancin' in the Street->
Bird Song
My Brother Esau
Ramble On Rose
Hell in a Bucket - 7/15/84 Greek Theater, Berkeley

Me and My Uncle->
Sittin' on Top of the World - 4/27/69 Minneapolis

Eternity w/ Branford Marsalis - 12/10/93 LA Sports Arena
Mission in the Rain - Jerry Garcia, Reflections

drums w/ Airto and Flora->
jam w/ Ornette Coleman->
The Other One - 12/9/93 LA Sports Arena

Wharf Rat->
Throwing Stones->
Lovelight - 9/22/93 Madison Square Garden
(David Murray throughout; James Cotton on Lovelight)

Handle - Mutilaudio by David Gans and Gary Lambert
Aleke - The Spirit Cries (Endangered Music Project)

Attics of My Life
Lazy Lightning->
Supplication - 5/28/76 rehearsal

Deal - Dead Ringers

Deep Elem Blues - Eric Thompson and David Nelson live in the studio

Cold Rain and Snow - Grateful Dead
Rain and Snow - Obray Ramsey
Rain and Snow - Eric Thompson and David Grisman (unreleased)
Glendale Train - Good Old Boys, Pistol Packin' Mama

Mandolin King Rag
Diamond Joe - Eric Thompson and David Nelson live in the studio

Beaumont Rag - Eric Thompson's Bluegrass Guitar
Impressionist Two-Step - David Nelson (home studio, unreleased)

Mr. Charlie
Next Time You See Me
Run Rudolph Run
Big Boss Man - 12/14/71 Ann Arbor MI

She Belongs to Me - Backstage pass outtake

Cumberland Blues
It Must Have Been the Roses
Big River
Bertha - 2/24/74

Zillionaire - Rob Wasserman, Trios

Weather Report pt. 1->
Let It Grow->
Row Jimmy
Ship of Fools
Promised Land - 2/24/74

Tell Mama
Baby What You Want Me to Do
Hard to Handle
Midnight Hour - 12/31/82 Oakland Auditorium w/ Etta James and the Tower of Power Horns

Picasso Moon - Built to Last

Dark Star->
Morning Dew - 2/24/74

Sugar Magnolia->
Scarlet Begonias - 7/18/89 Alpine Valley

It's All Over Now, Baby Blue - Seldom Scene Live at the Cellar Door

Sugar Magnolia->
Not Fade Away->
Goin' Down the Road Feelin' Bad->
Not Fade Away
It's All Over Now, Baby Blue - 2/24/74

Loose Lucy - 12/9/93 LA Sports Arena

I Need a Miracle->
Crazy Fingers
Samson and Delilah
He's Gone->
Goin' Down the Road Feelin' Bad - 4/4/85 Providence RI

Rain and Snow - Henry Kaiser, Hope You Like Our new Direction

Weather Report Suite->
Dark Star->
China Doll - 5/14/74 Missoula MT

Uncle John's Band - 2/22/74

There Ain't No Bugs on Me - Garcia & Grisman, Not for Kids Only

The Stars and Stripes Forever
You Win Again
Jack Straw
Big Railroad Blues
Black Peter - 12/14/71 Ann Arbor

Why Don't We Do It in the Road?->
China Cat Sunflower->
I Know You Rider->
Playing in the Band->
Uncle John's Band->
Don't Need Love - 7/15/84 Greek Theater, Berkeley

Keep On Growing->
Lost Sailor->
Saint of Circumstance->
Terrapin - 2/14/86 Henry J. Kaiser, Oakland

Tuesday, March 1, 1994

Cosmic Charlie - Aoxomoxoa

Alabama Getaway->
Promised Land
Friend of the Devil
CC Rider
Desolation Row - 6/21/86 Greek Theater, Berkeley

Rain and Snow - High Country, Sunset on the Prairie

Tuesday, March 8, 1994

Preachin' on the Burnin' Shore
I Need a Miracle->
Foolish Heart->
Lovelight - 12/28/88

2. Berkeley Symphony benefit part 1
Carter: "A Celebration of Some 100 x 150 Notes" (1986) from Concerto for Orchestra etc. London Sinfonietta - Oliver Knussen, conductor (Virgin Classics 0777 7592712 2, 1992)

3. Berkeley Symphony benefit part 2
Stravinsky: "Infernal Dance of Kaschey's Subjects" from The Firebird (1910) Orchestre symphonique de Montreal - Charles Dutoit, conductor (London 414 409-2, 1986)

4.Eyes of Chaos/Veil of Order preview
Excerpt from 3/14/94 program, with Phil Lesh talking and an excerpt from Karlheinz Stockhausen's _Gruppen_ for three orchestras. Two performances at Tanglewood August 25, 1993.

Tuesday, March 15, 1994

Cosmic Charlie tease->
Wharf Rat 2/27/94->
jam 2/26/94->
Standing on the Moon->
One More Saturday Night 2/26/94

Tuesday, March 22, 1994

Cassidy - 3/23/74 Cow Palace, San Francisco

Playing in the Band->
Uncle John's Band->
Morning Dew->
Uncle John's Band->
Playing in the Band - 3/23/74 Cow Palace, San Francisco

Tuesday, April 5, 1994

It's All over Now, Baby Blue
That's It for The Other One->
Death Don't Have No Mercy - 4/6/69 Avalon Ballroom, SF

Viola Lee Blues - 4/6/69 Avalon Ballroom, SF

Tuesday, April 12, 1994

Dancin' in the Streets->
Franklin's Tower
One More Saturday Night - 10/27/79 Cape Cod Coliseum, South Yarmouth MA

Shakedown Street - 7/1/79 Seattle Center Arena

Tuesday, April 19, 1994

The Other One->
Close Encounters jam->
St. Stephen->
Not Fade Away->
Around and Around - 1/22/78 MacArthur Court, Eugene OR

Tuesday, April 26, 1994

He's Gone->
That Would Be Something-> - 4/1/94 Omni, Atlanta
The Other One->
Morning Dew-> - 3/27/94 Nassau Coliseum

Tuesday, May 3, 1994

Days Between 3/28 and 4/4/94->
Fennario 3/21/94

Mama Tried->
Big River 3/20/94
Me and My Uncle->
Maggie's Farm 3/24
El Paso 3/30
Black-Throated Wind 4/1

Tuesday, May 10, 1994

He's Gone->
The Other One->
Not Fade Away->
Black Peter->
Around and Around - 10/27/79 Cape Cod Coliseum

Tuesday, May 17, 1994

Money Money 5:18
Scarlet Begonias 5:23
Playing in the Band 46:00
- 5/21/74 Edmundson Pavilion, Seattle

Tuesday, May 24, 1994
Special guest: David Grisman

Turn of the Century - David Grisman and Tony Rice, Tone Poems
16/16 - Garcia & Grisman live '92 (unreleased)

Song for Two Pamelas - Tone Poems
Rain and Snow - David Grisman + Eric Thompson (studio/unreleased)

O Sole Mio - Tone Poems
Neon Tetra - David Grisman, Hot Dawg
Oh the Wind and the Rain - Garcia & Grisman live '92 (unreleased)

Vintage Gintage Blues - Tone Poems
I Don't Want Your Mandolins, Mister - Tone Poems

Tuesday, May 31, 1994

Dear Mr. Fantasy->
Around and Around->
Good Lovin'/La Bamba - 9/23/87 Spectrum, Philadelphia

Uncle John's Band - Jimmy Buffett, Fruitcakes

Tons of Steel
Desolation Row
Big Railroad Blues;
The Music never Stopped - 9/23/87 Spectrum, Philadelphia

Tuesday, June 14, 1994
3-hour marathon special

If the Shoe Fits - 6/9/94 Cal Expo
Samba in the Rain - 6/8/94 Cal Expo

The Concise Blues for Allah

Black Peter->
Around and Around->
Johnny B. Goode
It's All Over Now, Baby Blue - 12/3/81 Madison WI

That's It for The Other One->
New Potato Caboose
Born Cross-Eyed - 2/3/68 Crystal Ballroom, Portland OR

Clementine - 1/26/69 Avalon Ballroom, SF

Stella Blue->
Lovelight - 3/21/94 Richfield OH

Dancin' in the Streets->
Got My Mojo Workin'->
Dancin' in the Streets->
The Wheel->
Terrapin - 4/22/77 Spectrum, Philadelphia

Playing in the Band->
Built to Last - 4/6/89 Ann Arbor MI

Tuesday, June 28, 1994

I Will Take You Home->
The Other One - 4/6/89 Ann Arbor MI

Chance in a Million - Zero, Chance in a Million

Dark Star - 4/27/69 Minneapolis

Tuesday, July 5, 1994

Interview with Len Dell'Amico and Larry Lachman re "Infrared Sightings"

St. Stephen->
The Eleven->
Lovelight - 4/27/69 Minneapolis

Stella Blue - Wake of the Flood

Tuesday, July 12, 1994

I Want to Tell You - 7/1/94 Shoreline Amphitheater, Mountain View CA
The Music Never Stopped->
The Music Never Stopped
Friend of the Devil
Desolation Row
Eternity - 7/2/94 Shoreline Amphitheater, Mountain View CA

Tuesday, July 19, 1994

Help on the Way->
Franklin's Tower - 7/2/94 Shoreline

Johnny Law - Buffalo Roam

Saint of Circumstance->
Terrapin - 6/26/94 Silver Bowl, Las Vegas

Tuesday, July 26, 1994

Weather Report Suite->
Spanish jam->
Eyes of the World->
China Doll - 7/19/74 Fresno

Jockamo - Sugarboy Crawford
Big River - Nashville Bluegrass Band, The Boys Are Back in Town

Tuesday, August 2, 1994

Dark Star->
China Cat Sunflower->
The Eleven - 2/3/68 Crystal Ballroom, Portland OR

Dupree's Diamond Blues - Aoxomoxoa
Greatest Story Ever Told - Ace

Smokestack Lightning->
He's Gone->
drums - 7/2/94 Shoreline

Tuesday, August 9, 1994

Viola Lee Blues - 2/2/68 Crystal Ballroom, Portland OR
Next Time You See Me - Junior Parker
Operator - American Beauty
Arizona Lightning - Robert Hunter, Tales of the Great Rum Runners

That's It for The Other One->
Good Morning Little Schoolgirl - 2/2-3/68 Crystal Ballroom, Portland OR

Tuesday, August 16, 1994

Childhood's End - 7/20/94 Deer Creek
If the Shoe Fits - 6/19/94 Autzen Stadium, Eugene OR
Samba in the Rain - 7/26/94 Riverport, St. Louis

St. Stephen->
Not Fade Away->
Lovelight - 9/19/70 Fillmore East

Tuesday, August 23, 1994

Stella Blue->
Satisfaction - 8/1/94 The Palace at Auburn Hills MI

Deal - Dr. John, from Deadicated

Midnight Hour - 7/31/94 The Palace at Auburn Hills MI

Phone interview with Phil

Dark Star - 9/19/70 Fillmore East

Tuesday, October 4, 1994
KPFA Marathon October 5, 1994

He's Gone->
Nobody's Fault jam->
The Other One->
I Know You Rider
3/31/73 War Memorial Auditorium, Buffalo NY (48:28)

Let Me Sing Your Blues Away - Wake of the Flood
WAKE montage

Playing in the Band->
Wharf Rat->
Playing in the Band
6/8/74 Oakland Stadium (38:05)

excerpt from La Estrella Oscura, from Gray Folded

Blow Away
7/29/88 Laguna Seca Raceway, Monterey (14:45)

7/29/88 Laguna Seca Raceway, Monterey (14:26)

Rider - THe Big Three, from Troubadours of the Folk Era
Simple Sam - Jambay 6/14/93 Boulder CO

Iko Iko->
KnockinU on HeavenUs Door
10/18/88 Keifer Lakefront Arena, New Orleans
w/ Bangles and Neville Bros. (12:00)

Wednesday, December 21, 1994

Santa Claus Is Coming to Town - Joseph Spence
Winter Wonderland - The Roches
A Christmas Carol - Tom Lehrer

Not Fade Away->
Brokedown Palace->
Around and Around->
Johnny B. Goode
Shakedown Street->
Uncle John's Band - 12/26/79 Oakland Auditorium

France - Shakedown Street

Tuesday, December 27, 1994

Feel Like a Stranger
CC Rider

Deep Elem Blues
Beat It On Down the Line
Bird Song

Thank You, Mystic Windshield

3/9/81 Madison Square Garden.