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Tuesday, January 31, 1995

It Hurts Me Too - Eric Clapton, From the Cradle
Me and Bobby McGee - Janis Joplin (solo acoustic demo), 18 Essential Songs
Beat It On Down the Line - GD 3/30/68 Carousel Ballroom

China Cat Sunflower->
Crazy Fingers->
I Know You Rider
Playing in the Band->
drums - 7/29/88 Laguna Seca

Tuesday, February 28, 1995

Salt Lake City - Grateful Dead 2/21/95 Delta Center, Salt Lake City
Skelvis! the soundtrack - Mutilaudio by David Gans

Lori Abrams, sign language interpreter

Visions of Johanna->
Sugar Magnolia - GD 2/21/95

Tuesday, March 14, 1995

Interview with Dick Latvala and excerpts from Dick's Picks #2

Goin' Down the Road Feelin' Bad->
Not Fade Away - 10/31/71 Columbus OH (Dick's Picks #2)

Unbroken Chain - Joe Gallant and Illuminati, Code of the West
Long Time Gone - David Crosby, It's All Coming Back to Me Now
Cumberland Blues - Cache Valley Drifters, Step Up to Big Pay
Rider - The Big Three, from Troubadours of the Folk Era

Tuesday, March 21, 1995

1.Segment 1 8:01
Unbroken Chain (1974 rehearsal)

2.Segment 2 15:17
Gyuto Monks feature:
excerpts from Freedom Chants from the Roof of the World
Interview with Richard Kohn
Press conference with Mickey Hart

3. Segment 3 32:39
Grateful Dead at SNACK 3/23/75

Tuesday, April 4, 1995

Part 1 43:00
Shakedown Street->
Playing in the Band->
5/7/80 Barton Hall, Ithaca NY

Man Smart, Woman Smarter - C.J. Chenier, Too Much Fun (brand new album!)

Part 2 4:35
Alabama Getaway
5/7/80 Barton Hall, Ithaca NY

Brown-Eyed Women - Pontiac Bros., Fiesta en la Biblioteca

Tuesday, April 11, 1995

Part 1 24:15
Touch of Grey->
Greatest Story Ever Told
Let It Grow - 6/6/92 Rich Stadium, Buffalo NY

Part 2 29:20
The Other One->
The Wheel->
Throwing Stones->
One More Saturday Night - 6/6/92 Rich Stadium, Buffalo NY

Tuesday, April 18, 1995

Intro by Dick Latvala

Dark Star->
Philo Stomp - 10/28/72 Public Hall, Cleveland

Dark Star->
Philo Stomp->
jam - 10/18/72 Fox Theater, St. Louis

Tuesday, April 25, 1995

Smoke Gets In Your Eyes - Garcia Band, from the SMOKE soundtrack
You Win Again - Kenneth "Jethro" Burns, Swing Low, Sweet Mandolin
Unbroken Chain - 3/23/95 Charlotte NC

It's All Too Much->
Iko Iko - 3/18/95 Spectrum
Hornsby and the drummers - 3/23/95
Days Between - 3/23/95

Tuesday, May 2, 1995

Post-UJB jam - 3/27/95 Omni, Atlanta

The Last Time->
Visions of Johanna->
One More Saturday Night - 3/18/95 Spectrum, Philadelphia

Tuesday, May 9, 1995

Weather Report pt. 1->
Let It Grow->
Spanish jam->
Eyes of the World->
China Doll - 7/19/74 Selland Arena, Fresno CA

Tuesday, May 16, 1995

I Know You Rider
Cold Jordan - 5/15/70 Fillmore East

The Person You Were Meant to Be - Apricot Jam 4/15/95 Fox Theater, Boulder CO

Gyuto Monks feature by Catherine Girardeau

Morning Dew
Good Lovin'
Dire Wolf
Next Time You See Me - 5/15/70 Fillmore East

Tuesday, May 23, 1995


Take Me to the River - 4/1/95 the Pyramid, Memphis

Good Morning Little Schoolgirl
Alabama Getaway - 3/30/95 the Omni, Atlanta

Dire Wolf - 9/10/74 Alexander Palace, London

Cumberland Blues
New Speedway Boogie - 5/14/70 Merramec Community College, Kirkwood MO

The Race Is On
Wake Up Little Susie
Uncle John's Band - date/venue unknown, early 1970

Tuesday, June 6, 1995
Special guest: John Allair

Jockomo (Iko Iko) - Larry Williams (1957 single)

Casey Jones
China Cat Sunflower->
I Know You Rider
Mama Tried;
High Time
Good Lovin' - 5/14/70 Merramec Community College, Kirkwood MO

Wang Dang Doodle - Rob Wasserman, Bob Weir, Lou Reed, Bruce Cockburn

Stagger Lee - Tooloos 12/19/76 Keystone Berkeley
Detoxify - John Allair Cleans House
Shake, Rattle and Roll - Tooloos 12/19/76
High Place - John Allair Cleans House

Good Morning Little Schoolgirl - 5/14/70

Here Comes Sunshine
Eternity - 4/2/95 Pyramid, Memphis

Mr. Charlie
Black Throated Wind
Chinatown Shuffle - 5/11/72 Rotterdam

All Along the Watchtower->
Stella Blue->

Liberty - 8/1/94 The Palace at Auburn Hills MI

Attics of My Life - 5/14/70

Tuesday, June 27, 1995

FALLING STAR - David Gans and Henry Kaiser 6/11/95
Sweetwater, Mill Valley CA

BROKEDOWN PALACE - 5/11/77 St. Paul Civic Center

Tuesday, July 4, 1995
Summer tour riot report

RIOT coverage: interview with Cameron Sears + phone calls from listeners. GD Almanac editor Gary Lambert in the KPFA studio.

Uncle John's Band->
Around and Around - 5/11/77 St. Paul Civic Center

Tuesday, July 11, 1995

Eyes of the World->
Man Smart, Woman Smarter - 10/17/94 Madison Square Garden

Crazy Fingers (work in progress) - 2/19/75 at Ace's

Crazy Fingers (work in progress) - 3/5/75 at Ace's

Crazy Fingers - One from the Vault

Tuesday, July 18, 1995

Big River
Looks Like Rain
Jack Straw
Lazy Lightning->
Supplication - 5/11/77 St. Paul Civic Center

Tuesday, July 25, 1995

Guest Elizabeth Zipern, author of _Cooking with the Dead_, with a
discussion of the parking lot "crisis" and calls from listeners.

Scarlet Begonias - Sublime, 40oz. to Freedom

Mama Tried - Merle Haggard, from The Music Never Stopped

Monsoon - Sanjay Mishra w/ Jerry Garcia

Tuesday, August 15, 1995

Open #9 (Dark Star)
Knockin' on Heaven's Door 11/7/87
Remembering Jerry #1
Death Don't Have No Mercy 9/29/89
Remembering Jerry #3
Eyes of the World->China Doll 10/19/74
Bird Song - Gans, Carnahan and Petrie (live)
Brokedown Palace (same)
Ripple (American Beauty)
Eulogies from the Polo FIeld 8/13/95
Over the Hills (Robert Hunter, Tiger Rose)
Remembering Jerry #2
I'll Take a Melody (JG, Reflections)

Tuesday, August 22, 1995

Interview + Foolish Heart - Built to Last
Simple Twist of Fate - JGB Live
Bird Song - KFOG Warriors Jam (1990 w/ Branford Marsalis)
Cigarettes and Coffee - JGB, from the SMOKE Soundtrack
Uncle John's Band - Stanford Marching Band
Caution - 8/23/68 Shrine Auditorium, LA
Clouds - Sanjay Mishra w/ Jerry Garcia

Tuesday, August 29, 1995

Uncle John's Band - 12/26/79
Late for Supper/Spidergawd - Garcia
jam - 9/21/72 Spectrum, Philadelphia
Rubin and Cherise - Cats Under the Stars

Bob Young's JG tribute from KPFK
Mississippi Moon - Garica, Compliments

"Drums and Space" - poem by Barry Smolin
Cats Under the Stars - JGB,C.U.T.S.
jam - 2/24/73 Iowa City

Dennis McNally on the phone

Not Fade Away->
Goin' Down the Road Feelin' Bad - 5/19/74 Portland Coliseum

Drums and Space

Now he's gone
And gone too the blessing of his presence
Gone the plain spontaneity
Gone the delicate elegance
Gone the lunatic doodlings
Gone the miraculous bastions
Gone the manic placid dance
Gone the mystical candor
Gone the transcendental intensity
Gone the naughty raucous chaos
Gone the haunting lostness
Gone the heady impressions
Gone the festive message
Gone the trippy sinful gist
Gone the grumpy uncle
Gone the happy rabbi
Gone the moody buddha
Gone the sly smiling santa
Gone the complex knowledge
Gone the all things possible
Gone the honest promise
Gone the future evolutions
Gone the future forever
Gone with pallid finality
He's gone and nothing's going to bring him back
No nothing's left but drums and space
Our sadness and our gratitude at last

But if the purpose of the journey
Is the journey to a purpose
The inevitable end of everything
Then go Jerry

Go off to your next destiny
Go away engaged in the great translation
Go take your place on the playground
Go find all your old friends
Go spawn the long forgotten
Go spread the best epic yet
Go track the everlasting vastness
Go watch it all happen
Go to it
Go be who you are
(Like you always taught us
Like the essence of your lesson ever:
Be who you are)
Yes go be who you are
The rehearsal is over
Go jam a stratospheric passage
Go blow the most heroic solos
Until nothing's left but drums and space

Shred the heavens man
We'll be listening for you

--Barry Smolin
9 August 1995

From Thu Aug 31 20:25:38 1995
Date: Thu, 31 Aug 1995 20:26:36 -0800
From: (Michael Z.)
Subject: Transcript: Dennis McNally on KPFA, 8/30/95 [long]

This is my transcript of the 10-minute phone conversation between David Gans
and Dennis McNally, GD publicist, on yesterday's "Dead to the World" broad-
cast on KPFA, Berkeley. I'm posting this in the interests of propagating some
"official" information from the band (even if it does come from the P.R.
flak, and is noteworthy more for what is *not* known yet). I have no doubt
the silly rumors will continue on r.m.g -- some are actually fun (if not
taken too seriously) -- it's a jungle in here!

"Dead to the World" KPFA 94.1 FM, Berkeley CA 8/30/95, 7-9pm PDT
Transcript: Dennis McNally phone call

David Gans: The person on the line with me here, folks, is Dennis McNally,
the publicist of the Grateful Dead and the official historian of the Grateful

Dennis McNally: Ah, yeah.

DG: And I just basically wanted you to call in and say hello, and tell us how
you're doin' and if you know anything, what we oughta know, et cetera.

DM: Um, well, you know, we're hangin' in there. It's still busy, you know.
Not to gripe a lot, because there's more important things around, but it's
still darn busy. There's *not* a lot to say, you know, I've said this so many
times -- and I apologize, because I get a lot of reporters who are either (a)
convinced that I'm holding back or (b) fed up with what I'm saying, and I
don't mind saying *I'm* semi-fed up with it, too, just 'cause the repeti-
tion's getting much -- and that is very simply, and quite truthfully: the
band, outside of the immediate and obvious things of doing the funeral -- the
private funeral -- and then the public ceremony in the park, for which David
[Gans] and Dick [Latvala] did the really cool thing, which was of course the
whole point of it, which was to listen to music and think about things -- the
only two decisions the band has really made were to cancel the fall tour and
to, as I have been putting it, put the business structure into partial hiber-
nation, and to leave things organized to carry on with what's essential while
basically they sit back and think about what they want to do. That is really
it.* A couple of them have been off with their families, away from Marin, and
so I haven't really talked with anybody except Bobby, and as I say, the band
hasn't made any decisions, which is not always very satisfactory to Deadheads
wanting to know, well, what's going on right now, right now, and I don't say
as I blame 'em, uh, being somewhat interested in it *myself*. . .

DG: I can imagine. . .

DM: . . . but nobody knows. And anybody who tells you, "Well, *I hear. . .*"
is absolutely BSing you, you know, really and truly, because, um, nobody in
the band has -- other than the really immediate and urgent decisions that
had* to be made a couple of weeks ago -- they haven't been together, I don't
believe they've really particularly talked; the only bits of news I can tell
you is, among other things -- news which I imagine David's talked about, but
quite frankly, I don't know -- and that is that there'll be a really cool CD
coming out, which is *long* planned, I mean it's not hot-breaking news,
planned certainly before Jerry died, and that is what's being called "The
Hundred-Year Hall," the Jahrhundert Halle show from April 26. . .

DG: 1972.

DM: . . .1972, a really cool, what in effect is a really cool "Europe '72"
outtake. That'll be out September 26th, and because, also coincidentally, we
had, the band had decided to distribute Grateful Dead records through Arista
now, through a larger distribution setup, that [CD] should be really easy to
get hold of, for all of you that will hear this that might not necessarily be
real close to a big record store.

DG: Well, and it'll also be available through the usual 800 number, right?

DM: And the 800 number [1-800-225-3323] and all that good stuff.

DG: We were talking a little bit about the autopsy report, and how interest-
ing it is that the various columnists and axe-grinders thought that it was,
you know, important to make note that Jerry was a drug user, when in fact it
seems like it was the cigarettes and cheeseburgers that had more to do with
his demise.

DM: People have been calling me and asking me that, obviously, well, for a
long time -- and I've said it a thousand times, and I know that they didn't
think that I was telling the truth -- that what I worried about with him was
side effects of his lifestyle and quite frankly, not drug use. And alas and
alack, I was right. As we said August 9th, and will say, he died of a heart
attack. I think you probably would have read -- David's probably mentioned
the, uh, autopsy noted that two out of the three arteries that went to his
heart were 85 percent blocked, which is. . .

DG: Wow.

DM: . . .not a way you can live; you can't live with that and uh, his body,
uh, didn't. Obviously, as somebody who loved him and who also wanted very
much for him to face things, what I'm gonna remember is *where* he died, and
he died in a rehab center, out of his own choice, by his own -- you know,
because he drove himself there, because he recognized that he had to change
things and frankly, that's* what I'm gonna remember. The rest is, frankly,
real boring. What he made, a commitment to his art and to his muse and to his
life and his family -- and of *that* I am proud.

DG: So, Dennis, regardless of what the band's plans are, are you thinkin'
about writin' that book yet?

DM: Oh, yeah, it's getting a little closer [laughs]. Yeah, you know, I got
asked by Jerry to be the band's biographer a loooong time ago. . .

DG: About 15 years ago now, isn't it?

DM: Now, it's right up on 15 years. And 11 years ago, he asked me to be the
publicist, because *they* needed one and *I* needed a job, which sounded okay
to me at the time, and I recognized then, as now, that I could not be on the
road and a part of the business structure of the band *and* write a hist--
you know, a reasonable history that's fair. I'm not going to tell every
stinking story I know, obviously, because -- there's not that many *good*
ones, frankly. Most of the good, juicy stories are kind of silly human weak-
ness rather than anything. . .

DG: You have to leave a few for *Parish's* memoirs, I think.

DM: Hey! You know, he'll have a few stories. But at any rate, um, yes, I in-
tend to start working, basically, as soon as the phones *stop* ringing 400
times a day. It will still be a couple of years of writing before I can even
think about, uh, you know -- so it ain't gonna be soon. There're gonna be
plenty of potboilers for your delectation, ranging from the incredibly lame,
like the one that will be out in a couple of months from Rolling Stone -- I
don't know, it may not even be lame, but the fact is, the indecent haste with
which it's coming out is. . .

DG: Well, I got a number of phone calls from publishers asking all sorts of
ridiculous things.

DM: Oh, yeah, and David, you're not the only one, believe me. [Laughs]

DG: Oh, I know it. I and my colleagues have been comparing notes quite a bit.

DM: And they're all convinced that there's money to be made here, so -- Quite
frankly, the lowest taste, from I guy I actually respect, was on August 10th,
I got a call offering me a job, which was, uh, kind of hard for me to

DG: Wow.

DM: But at any rate, uh, all I can say is good luck to everybody. It's a, huh
- churning something out in a couple of months is gonna add to the world's
pile of bound pages, rather than -- I don't know how much it's gonna con-

DG: Well, the trick is for all of us out there in the audience to figure out
what's worth reading and what's not, given the amount of stuff that's likely
to come out over the next six -- my attitude, and most of my professional
Deadhead journalist friends have all agreed with this, is that if it's worth
doing, it's worth doing in a proper time span, and not doing in this im-
mediate wake of Jerry's demise, you know.

DM: And you know, the fact is, um, and I have no inside knowledge, *believe*
me, but, you know, a number of people were running around saying, *if* this
group of musicians were to play again, they *couldn't* be the Grateful Dead.
My comment was, that's what everybody said in 1973, when Pigpen died.

DG: Look, I don't know *why* people think that; I think it's sort of colos-
sally missing the point to claim that Jerry's death kills the Grateful Dead.
I mean, the DNA was in all of them, right?

DM: It was a collective group of amazing musicians, and the point of its
coolness was when there were no individuals left, not even in the band, not
even in the room, not even in the audience -- we were one interesting group

DG: *Exactly.*

DM: And, uh, you know. . .

DG: So who knows?!

DM: It's a very *open* universe.

DG: Well, my attitude toward that is that I don't even want to register an
opinion with the band members, I want them to decide for *themselves* if
they want to continue.

DM: Which they will. [Laughs]

DG: Oh, I'm sure they're getting tons of unwelcome input about it.

DM: Oh, probably, although you know, it's like -- only *they* have a vote...

DG: That's right.

DM: . . .so we'll wait and see.

DG: Well, Dennis, thanks for calling in . . .

DM: You're welcome.

DG: . . .I'm going to play a bunch of music for the next half-hour, and if
you're smart, you'll turn on your radio because I think you're gonna like

DM: Okay, promise.

DG: Thanks, Dennis. Take care.

DM: Bye-bye.

Tuesday, September 5, 1995

Promised Land
Jack Straw
China Cat Sunflower->
I Know You Rider - 8/24/72 Berkeley Community Theater

Cumberland Blues - Cache Valley Drifters, Step Up to Big Pay!

Bird Song
Tennessee Jed
Introducing Keith and Donna
Playing in the Band
Casey Jones
Dark Star->
Morning Dew - 8/24/72 Berkeley Community Theater

Tuesday, September 19, 1995

Dark Star->
Playing in the Band (reprise)->
Dark Star - 9/20/90 Madison Square Garden

Dark Star - 3/2/69 Fillmore West
It Must Have Been the Roses - Jerry Garcia, Reflections
Brokedown Palace - Henry Kaiser, Eternity Blue
Franklin's Tower - 10/9/76 Oakland Stadium

Down in the Willow Garden - Art Garfunkel, Angel Clare
Standing on the Moon->
Good Lovin' - 8/16/91 Shoreline

Dead to the World - September 13, 1995

Foolish Heart 6/8/90 Cal Expo
JG re David Grisman, from a JGB radio special (vinyl, promo from Arista 1991)
Rusian Lullaby - Garcia-Grisman

Dark Star - 4/8/72 Empire Pool, Wembley, England (from Glastonbury Fayre
To Lay Me Down - Garcvia

He's Gone->
Nobody's Fault jam->
The Other One->
I Know You Rider - 3/31/73 Buffalo War Memorial
Someone Else's Blues - David Bromberg, Wanted Dead or Alive

Tuesday, October 24, 1995

Desolation Row - Bob Dylan Unplugged
Tangled Up in BLue - Indigo Girls, 1200 Curfews
Sparkling in the Sand - Tower of Power, Live and in Living Color

Tupelo Honey - Edlos, A Cappella Country
Lovely Rita - Big Daddy, Sgt. Pepper's
Not Fade Away - Buddy Holly, from The Music Never Stopped

Tico Tico - David Grisman Quintet, Dawganova

Little Red Rooster
Every Little Light
Twilight Time
KC Moan
Young Blood
The Winners
Heaven Help the Fool->
bass solo->
Victim or the Crime->
Throwing Stones - Ratdog 9/2/95 Warfield Theater, SF

Tuesday, October 31, 1995

It's a Man's World->
Wang Dang Doodle - Ratdog 9/2/95 Warfield Theater, SF

Sweet Old World - Emmylou Harris, Wrecking Ball
Hymn to Her - Pretenders, The Isle of View
Chance in a Million - Zero, Chance in a Million

Girl on LSD - Tom Petty
Wacky Tobacky - NRBQ, Peek-A-Boo

Estimated Prophet->
Eyes of the World->
St. Stephen->
Not Fade Away->
Black Peter->
Sugar Magnolia - Grateful Dead 10/29/77 DeKalb IL

Tuesday, November 7, 1995
Guest: David Grisman

Blue Grass Twist - Early Dawg
Caliente - David Grisman Quintet, Dawganova
Ripple - Grateful Dead, American Beauty
Swanee - David Grisman and Martin Taylor, Tone Poems II

Teasin' the Frets - Tone Poems II
So What - Garcia & Grisman 9/7/93 NPR studios

Overture - David Grisman and Andy Statman, Mandolin Abstractions

White House Blues - Earl Taylor and the Stoney Mountain Boys, from Mountain Music Blue Grass Style

Sophronie - Jimmy Martin, You Don't Know My Mind
Bags' Groove - Garcia & Grisman 5/92 Warfield Theater, SF

'Round Midnight - Miles Davis, 'Round About Midnight
Chelsea Bridge - Ben Webster, The Verve Years
In a Mellotone - Duke Ellington, The Blanton-Webster Band

Over the Rainbow - Tone Poems II
Sitting in Limbo - Garcia & Grisman 5/92
Caroline (w./ David Grisman) - Eric Rawlins and David Gans, Home By Morning

Mairzy Doats - Tone Poems II
Goin' Places - Eddie Lang and Joe Venuti
Shalom Aleichem - David Grisman and Andy Statman, Songs of Our Fathers

Tuesday, November 14, 1995
Guest: Stephen Barncard

Almost Cut My Hair - CSNY, from the CSN box
These Boots Are Made for Walkin' - Mary Schmary, Flex Your Estrogen
The Gospel According to James - Apricot Jam, Preserved
Machines - Lothar and the Hand People
Guinnevere - CSN box
Broke My Baby's Heart - Paul Butterfield's Better Days live 1973
Drown in My Own Tears - Ray Charles Live
jam - Casady, Kaukonen, Garcia, Kreutzmann 9/8/70
Lazy Lightning->Supplication - Dick's Picks vol. 3
Human Highway - CSNY (unreleased acoustic version)
Laughing - David Crosby, If I Could Only Remember My Name
Alabama - Neil Young
Box of Rain - Grateful Dead, American Beauty
Everybody's Been Burned - Graham Nash solo acoustic
Eep Hour - Garcia et al. studio jam

Tuesday, December 5, 1995

Help on the Way->
Franklin's Tower
The Music Never Stopped
Blues for Allah - Under Eternity Blues Band 11/22/95
Great American Music Hall, San Francisco

China Cat Sunflower->
I Know You Rider
Hard to Handle
Casey Jones
King Bee
Uncle John's Band->
He Was a Friend of Mine - Grateful Dead 12/12/69 Thelma Theater, Los Angeles

Tuesday, December 12, 1995

Beatles Reunion Blues - Mike Scott
Golden Slumbers->
Carry That Weight->
The End - Beatles, Abbey Road
Here Come Those Tears Again - Jackson Browne, The Pretender
Don't Get Me Wrong - Pretenders
It's Me Again, Jah - Luciano
Where Did Your Heart Go? - Was (Not Was)

Scarlet Begonias->
Fire on the Mountain - Grateful Dead 9/2/78 Meadowlands Arena

Rain Montage
Media Mentions montage

From the Heart of Me
Samson and Delilah
Wharf Rat->
Truckin' - GD 10/18/78 Winterland

Man Smart, Woman Smarter - Robert Palmer

Tuesday, December 19, 1995

Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da->
Christmas Time Is Here Again - Beatles
Run Rudolph Run - Grateful Dead 12/14/71 Ann Arbor MI
Winter Wonderland - Roches, We Three Kings
Heat - Kronos Quartet (Heat soundtrack)
The Intro and the Outro - Bonzo Dog Band
Morning Dew - Grateful Dead 5/22/77 Hollywood FL (Dick's Picks 3)

Do Not Go Gentle - Jorma Kaukonen, The Land of Heroes
Smokin' Hole - Radiators
Listening to Music - A Child's Garden of Grass
California Scheming - Mary Schmary
Young Americans - David Bowie
Return of the Grievous Angel - Gram Parsons
The Cover of the Rolling Stone - Dr. Hook

Me and My Uncle->
Big River
Looks Like Rain
Stagger Lee
I Need a Miracle - Grateful Dead 10/18/78 Winterland

Tuesday, December 26, 1995

To Lay Me Down->
Playing in the Band - Grateful Dead 12/27/81 Oakland Auditorium

Beautiful jam - GD 2/18/71 Capitol Theater, Portchester NY
Jerry Garcia memorial - 8/13/95 Golden Gate Park
The Wheel - Garcia

Mandolin Rain->
That Would Be Something->
Brokedown Palace - Bruce Hornsby 9/1/95 Westbury NY

An American Adventure - Robert Hunter (from Sentinel) read by David Gans

Black Peter->
Around and Around->
Johnny B. Goode - GD 12/3/81 Madison WI